Inspiring Movements, One Story at a Time

By creating inclusive spaces that foster storytelling, SIM inspires immigrant youth and young adults to overcome immigration status limitations and ignite positive change in their communities. Sign up for our newsletter and join the movement.

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Our Vision: Explore Beyond Limitation

We envision a world where every young immigrant has the opportunity to live life with dignity and respect beyond status limitations. Through storytelling, we aim to create a global community of empowered individuals shaping a better future.

Our Stories: Empowerment Through Community

Finding My Voice and Potential

“When I first started SIM in 2020, I had only known organizing in the context of activism or through small stints of volunteering. I came in ready to learn and to re-enter into organizing work that focuses greatly on immigration, and met much more than that. I was thrust into the world of youth leadership, and for the first time; in a long time, I felt seen, heard, and welcomed. I could see and feel how the work that I was doing was directly formed from my family, friends, and my experience. Through SIM I learned to love and embrace organizing , so much so, that I became a full time organizer. Now, SIM is family, a safe space and a friend space. The relationships I have formed through SIM will be long standing ones!”

Nanie O.


Quick Questions

Explore answers to common questions about Stories Inspiring Movements and our mission. Learn how to get involved, share your story, and support our initiatives. If you have further questions, feel free to contact us.

Who does SIM serve?

Our programs are designed for immigrant youth and young adults ages 14-26 in Massachusetts. We welcome all young people regardless of immigration status who support our mission to get involved. 

How can I get involved with SIM?

You can get involved with Stories Inspiring Movements by participating in our workshops, events, and leadership-development programs. We also welcome donations, volunteers, and partnerships to support our mission of empowering youth through storytelling. 

How do donations support your mission?

Donations support our initiatives, including storytelling workshops, events, and mentorship programs. Your contributions help us provide resources, training, and opportunities for immigration youth to grow and become agents of change.

How can I support SIM's mission?

We welcome students, educators, volunteers, and supporters from diverse backgrounds and experiences to join our storytelling community and make a difference.