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Our Work

Dive into the diverse programs and workshops offered by Stories Inspiring Movements (SIM), which are designed to empower the youth community through building relationships, education and training, and leadership development. Our initiatives include the Rebel Fellowship Program, workshops on topics like College Access, Introduction to Grassroots Organizing, Know Your Rights, and community engagement events such as socials and youth leadership retreats.

“Because of SIM, Boston is home. I met many of my chosen family members at SIM. People who have been a crucial part of my journey and have become my support sytstem.”


Angel Lima

Community Member

SIM's Programs

SIM’s program spaces are designed for undocumented and immigrant youth to explore the power of grassroots organizing, relationship building, and political education training through a personal and collective lens. Our intention is to develop a network of highly-skilled immigrant youth organizers.

Unlock your potential as a social change-maker and SIM Core Leader with the Rebel Fellowship, where passionate youth come together to create innovative solutions for their communities, learn and practice grassroots organizing skills, and build relationships. Check back for when applications open up for the next fellowship.

SIM's Workshops and Presentations

SIM offers a diverse range of workshops and presentations for youth across the state of Massachusetts. We have been able to offer both in-person and virtual workshops and presentations, follow a curriculum that is immersive and interactive, as well as focus on particular topics that interest the community and meet the needs of SIM’s constituents.

SIM gives an overview of KYR material through the lens of an immigrant, with a focus on undocumented individuals. Our content goes beyond talking about local law enforcement; we talk about how to manage interactions with ICE at home, the workplace, or in public. A major component of this workshop is talking about family preparedness and sharing legal/community resources for youth and families.

This workshop explores leadership, shared values, and storytelling as core components of grassroots organizing. The workshop content is presented through the current lens of SIM and the impact we have made in the community.

The tradition of storytelling is a craft that has been passed down for generations in a multitude of cultures and traditions. In this multi-day workshop, SIM explores the Story of Self, Us, and Now and how it’s used to empower and inspire change within our communities.

SIM's Events and Retreats

Immerse yourself in a series of workshops and trainings to learn about political climates, organizing tools and practices, and social policy work to help lead major campaigns with SIM to create changes in our communities. This retreat tends to be 2-3 days during a weekend in the spring! Join us for a multiple-day youth conference full of learning, socializing, and strategizing.

Challenge societal systems and spark change through the Summer Liberation Program (SLP). Discover untold history, SIM’s legacy, political theories, and organizing strategies to create a better future. SLP is a 1-day youth conference, typically held in the summer, for SIM’s constituents gathered in collective learning and collective healing through various activities.

Celebrate joy with the SIM community. As important as it is to organize, we believe that joy and laughter is a form of collective healing and bonding. SIM socials are a time for SIM youth, friends and family, and community members to participate in fun activities, enjoy diverse food, and build relationships.

Frequently asked questions about SIM

Explore answers to common questions about Stories Inspiring Movements and our mission. Learn how to get involved, share your story, and support our initiatives. If you have further questions, feel free to contact us. 

Who does SIM serve?

Our programs are designed for immigrant youth and young adults ages 14-26 in Massachusetts. We welcome all young people regardless of immigration status who support our mission to get involved. 

How can I get involved with SIM?

You can get involved with Stories Inspiring Movements by participating in our workshops, events, and leadership-development programs. We also welcome donations, volunteers, and partnerships to support our mission of empowering youth through storytelling. 

How do donations support your mission?

Donations support our initiatives, including storytelling workshops, events, and mentorship programs. Your contributions help us provide resources, training, and opportunities for immigration youth to grow and become agents of change.

How can I support SIM's mission?

We welcome students, educators, volunteers, and supporters from diverse backgrounds and experiences to join our storytelling community and make a difference.