Uniting Youth Through Stories

At SIM, we harness the power of storytelling to connect and empower immigrant youth and young adults regardless of their status. We create inclusive spaces to foster self-discovery, leadership, and compassion, inspiring a brighter future for all. Join our global community of changemakers and help us shape the world one story at a time.

Established in 2005, Stories Inspiring Movements (SIM) formerly known as Student Immigrant Movement (SIM) has been committed to empowering immigrant students through advocacy, training, mobilizing, and organizing. From fighting for equal access to education and resisting deportations to organizing for Comprehensive Immigration Reform, SIM has expanded its reach throughout Massachusetts. As the organization evolves, SIM continues to uphold our past legacy, and uplift storytelling as the power to inspire and unite individuals regardless of their status. Today, SIM continues to build a brighter future for immigrant youth and young adults by fostering authentic connections and amplifying their voices to create social and political change. 

“Because of SIM, Boston is home. I met many of my chosen family members at SIM. People who have been a crucial part of my journey and have become my support sytstem.”


Angel Lima

Community Member

We Embody Our Mission

We’re dedicated to uniting immigrant youth and young adults by co-creating spaces that are empowering through storytelling. Our mission is to inspire young people to overcome all kinds of status limitations, ignite positive change, and become leaders in their communities.

Our Vision Drives Us

We envision a world where every young person has the opportunity to live life with dignity and respect beyond status limitations. Through storytelling, we aim to create a global community of empowered individuals shaping a better future.

We Live By Our Values and Principles


We share many struggles in our diverse experiences and identities, but in the end, we all have unique stories and lived experiences.


We encourage curiosity and open-mindedness, inspiring individuals to break free from status limitations and imagine new possibilities.


We nurture the confidence and resilience of immigrant youth and young adults, supporting their development as agents of change in their own lives and communities.


We approach problem solving in ways that incorporate our ability to be innovative, adaptive, and flexible to address the nuance of challenging situations or new experiences.

Community Impact

We strive for lasting, positive change by engaging communities in dialogue, shared learning, and collective action.


We unify immigrant youth and young adults by co-creating safe, brave, and supportive environments. We celebrate diversity by fostering collaboration and amplifying voices often unheard.


We champion honesty, vulnerability, and genuine expression, fostering trust and cultivating genuine connections within our community.

Get to Know the Incredible #TeamSIM

Sabrina Barroso
Executive Director
Alexander Portillo
Communications Director
Maria Franco Silva
Communications Coordinator
Karina Ham
Program Director
Mia Larios
Tea Time Coordinator
Cristian Dubon Solis
Program Coordinator

Quick Questions

Explore answers to common questions about Stories Inspiring Movements and our mission. Learn how to get involved, share your story, and support our initiatives. If you have further questions, feel free to contact us. 

Who does SIM serve?

Our programs are designed for immigrant youth and young adults ages 14-26 in Massachusetts. We welcome all young people regardless of immigration status who support our mission to get involved. 

How can I get involved with SIM?

You can get involved with Stories Inspiring Movements by participating in our workshops, events, and leadership-development programs. We also welcome donations, volunteers, and partnerships to support our mission of empowering youth through storytelling. 

How do donations support your mission?

Donations support our initiatives, including storytelling workshops, events, and mentorship programs. Your contributions help us provide resources, training, and opportunities for immigration youth to grow and become agents of change.

How can I support SIM's mission?

We welcome students, educators, volunteers, and supporters from diverse backgrounds and experiences to join our storytelling community and make a difference.