How We Are Structured

SIM employs a decentralized democratic participation model. That means that as long as you are a young immigrant (ages 13-30), and want to contribute to SIM in any kind of way, you are welcome to join, even if we currently do not have teams doing the type of work you wish to do. As teams establish themselves and grow, they get the opportunity to have a representative in SIM’s statewide coordination body: the CORE leadership, which makes strategic decisions for the whole organization. People who do not identify as immigrants, or who fall outside the age range, are also welcome to join and even start their own teams, but have more limited access to decision-making spaces.

Geographic Teams

SIM currently has members in teams distributed throughout the state, with different levels of activity. We do not impose a minimum requirement for participation. Some locations are: Greater Boston, East Boston, Revere, Lynn, Tufts University, UMass Boston, Bunker Hill Community College, Worcester-Area, New Bedford, and others. Contact us for more detailed information.

Program Teams

Program teams are groupings of youth who come together with a particular purpose in mind – rather than a particular location. Currently, the following program teams are in operation: the College Access Program, the Summer Liberation Program, Queer Undocumented Immigrant Project, UndocuBlack SIM, Deportation Defense, and SIM Artistry. The following are in development: SIM’s Women’s Collective, and the SIM Honey Badgers (rapid response action team).