we have a duty to fight for our freedom
we have a duty to win.Assata Shakur

DEFEND AND DEFY – Resisting Donald Trump

Donald Trump has articulated some of the most violent immigration policies in history, and has surrounded himself with the authors of the most aggressive anti-immigration platform in the country. Additionally, he has emboldened anti-immigrant forces and encouraged assaults on our community. We are not safe, and we operate from the belief that Trump will act on his words and that we must begin protecting ourselves immediately.

We will begin by organizing mass meetings throughout the state, with an urgent call to Immigrant Youth to find and protect one another before Immigration Enforcement tries to find them.

Youth will be arranged into Migrant Self-Defense Committees (SDCs). SDCs will be responsible for:
> Ensuring their internal safety and well-being, first and foremost. The SDCs are the first line of defense against harassment, bullying, violence, and when the time comes, detention and deportation. The entire network of SDCs will have direct communication access to each other in order to facilitate and decentralize response efforts.
> Organizing meetings and events in their localities that other immigrant youth can attend and then be placed into SDCs.
> Mobilizing for resistance actions, deportation defense, and building out a network of solidarity.

We believe that the path forward requires deep and disciplined organizational and political development.

We will be hosting Mass Trainings on community organizing skills and non-violent civil resistance. We are making use of technical and logistical support from Marshall Ganz & the Leading Change Network, and the Momentum Network.

We will reject all attempts at frightening our people and encouraging them to hide. Our message is hope lies in the resilience of our community. We believe we will win, and we will win in the streets.

We believe that our communities have a right to live safe and dignified lives in our homes, and we will not allow Donald Trump or any of his followers to destroy our families and our livelihoods.

We will engage in nonviolent actions of civil resistance and fight back against all ICE efforts to disrupt our communities.

We will continue to push for the creation of DREAM Schools in high schools and universities, under the banner of Sanctuary Campuses.

We will mobilize in support of all communities organizing to defend themselves; immigrant or not. We do not know who Trump will come for first, but we will be there in his way.

We will be organizing and mobilizing our youth in support of the Cosecha Movement strategy, calling for a national strike of immigrant labor.

We understand too clearly that it is not just immigrants that are under attack. In addition to being undocumented, we are a diverse community of multiple religions, multiple racial and ethnic backgrounds, multiple gender identities and expressions, and we recognize that all people who do not belong in Donald Trump’s vision of the world are at risk and must work together to protect one another.

During our Mass Trainings and Mass Meetings, we will guide political education work that allows our youth to understand how Trump is a threat to a broad multitude of communities, and that we must help protect them, as they must help protect us. We will do this by inviting and building with other directly affected groups.

Our plan is immediately replicable and can be used by immigrant rights organizations that choose to fight against Trump through grassroots community work.